Dr. Tran has provided superior cataract surgery for thousands of patients in the past 11 years in Kenosha. She will be performing her cataract surgeries at Advocate Condell Hospital. With the use of VICTUS laser assisted cataract surgery for the treatment of astigmatism at St. Catherine’s Hospital, Dr. Tran can fine tune her results for the multi-focal implants to provide superior vision for distance and near.

Here are forms in preparation for cataract surgery:
1. Consent forms for cataract surgery and/or specialty implants.
2. Instructions and eye drops schedule before cataract surgery.
3. Eye Drops schedule for first week.
4. VICTUS laser for astigmatism correction.
5. YAG Laser surgery for a secondary cataract.

This video is provided by the National Eye Institute (NEI) for the prevention of blindness.